our artists:


Calvin gimpelevich

Calvin writes fiction. His work has appeared in Glitterwolf, Plentitude, cream city, Electric Literature, and The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard. 





KEM_C is a Seattle based printmaker/tapemaker/clubscum, specializing in etchings, screenprints, & VHS tapes. Ask about her cozier alternative to safe/r spaces.


Her work can be found @face_okay.


Sofya Belinskaya

Sofya Belinskaya is a Ukrainian born visual artist living and working in Seattle, WA. Her paintings are narratively driven works on paper that seek the line between the realms of dreams and reality. She is a curator with Lion's Main Art Collective and she teaches painting and drawing at Pratt Fine Arts Center.

Follow on instagram @pulpandpencil!



Jack Tusk

Jack Tusk is a multidisciplinary artist and co-founder of LMAC. He is a singer, producer, and visual artist.




Jax Braun

Jax is a poet/writer, biologist, crafter, and performance artist. Their works are informed through the structures of biological world and dwell on interpreting personal histories and experiences.


Sequoia Day O'Connell is an arts organizer, curator, photographer, and full-spectrum doula in Seattle, WA. 


Alex constant

Alex is a digital artist based in Tacoma, WA. Their work comprises of game development, zines, and other projects.

Æva Io

Æva works with film & digital photography as well as new and electronic audio-visual media.


Fiber/found object/tattoo/paint/pen/pencil worker, fascinated by light, time, space, and the beauty of the early early morning.


Agender transmasculine windbag salvage punk with an affinity for carving, sewing, and found objects. Collects bodily castoffs and hangs them from the ceiling.


Ari is a technologist perpetually on the verge of modeling all social interaction through purely virtual means, please submit samples so that your uniqueness may be accounted for.


GIA valente

Genderqueer multidisciplinary artist with an affinity for paper, color, space, and moss



Jewelry-maker, photographer, film industry human, party thrower/ hostess supreme, space maker.

Jay Ludden

Genderqueer time-based media artist and educator who primarily works with installation, performance, and watercolor

Elise Bengson

Interdisciplinary artist, recently focused on sculptural and video/media work.

Leigh Carroll

Leigh is a visual artist, graphic designer and occasional performer. They love people and plants.



Markel Uriu

Markel Uriu is an interdisciplinary artist in Seattle, WA. Her work explores the quiet intimacy of inner worlds, feminine labor, impermanence, and the unseen. Drawing from mythology and rituals, she explores these concepts through ephemeral botanical narratives and two-dimensional work.

Follow her on instagram @markeluriu


Yani Robinson

Trans poet activist long walks and thai food.

Yani Robinson is a queer and trans writer and Baltimore transplant currently studying creative writing at the University of Washington. His first language is Thai, his mother is a Thai immigrant, and he identifies much like a kathoey – living his gender through performance. He has published his poetry in Nepantla, Crab Fat Magazine and the Free Witch Quarterly.


Pretty Eyes

Pretty Eyes is a non-binary two-spirited writer, artist and public speaker living in the Pacific Northwest with their Wusband and a large collection of lipstick.

They adore being contacted about their writing or collaborations at prettyeyes.ellis@gmail.com.

Ally Parks

Ally Parks is a multidisciplinary artist with a formal background in dance and photography, who's work deals largely with the notions of time and flow. Her work manifests in many forms including 2D photographic images, video, 3D installation, performance/dance, drawing/painting, and metal smith/jewelry making.


IG: gem.guru